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Dyp Solutions

Privacy is the
new Emperor

Content is King, Data is Queen but...


Privacy first !

Privacy comes to the forefront and has become a development axis & marketing argument. Publishers must turn data constraints into a business & marketing opportunity. They have to take the initiative.

OTB : Over the Browser


As an OTT (Over The Top) link of the internet boxes, DYP solutions has built a solution in a tactical position, an "OTT of the browser" service. An "OTB" (Over The Browser) solution. 

Publisher's browser extension

Dyp solution offers a browser addon co-piloted by the editors and the user. It allows to offer a tactical position, 
a direct link between editors and readers, beyond the browser. 

Features & Benefits

Time to build the new OTB link

between Publishers & their audience


Cocorico & Thanks


Made in Paris, city of Dev'

Since 2018, the expert teams of Capgemini SOGETI LABS have been developing and maintaining our solution. Our team is composed of passionate people with multidisciplinary profiles, developers, a graphic designer, infra experts.

MyAdFilter, an addon to help adblock users


Why block everything,
when you can filter finely?

Available on most browsers, MyAdFilter offers a new reading contract, created with Publishers for their users.

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MY AD FILTER is the most consistent solution for our users...

Philipp Schmidt
Executive Director Prisma Média Solution

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MY AD FILTER wants to be a virtuous alternative to adblockers.

Rolf Heinz  CEO Gruner & Jahr International Europe

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MyAdFilter... The objective is ambitious: to give pleasure back to the Internet experience, to limit overexposure ...

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MyAdFilter, the ad quality Filter



Press & Media



Strength through unity


Together with the Publishers, we are moving digital marketing

towards a model that is co-piloted by the user's choice

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