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Dyp Solutions


Why block everything, when you can filter finely?


Launch of MyAdFilterV 2

Launch on 9 January of the new version validated by Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
Agreement in principle of 30% of the top 20 publishers.


A year of optimisation and patience

We took advantage of this particular period to redesign the Editor approach.
We have completely redesigned the process of integrating a new Editor so that it no longer requires any dev day on its side. We have also changed the option to remove the adblock that is present.
Dyp solutions become a GESTE member.




Let's try something more


A Publisher back office is developed, allowing Publishers to measure dedicated KPIs.

Dyp solutions studies a blockchain architecture allowing transparency of consents and display to all actors (Users, Publishers, Advertisers).
Launch of the development of centralised data consent management without cookies.
New client : NRJ Group

From Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur

Driss Boubekeur takes over as President of DYP Solutions and leaves Prisma Média. DYP Solutions enters into a partnership with the Lab inno of Sogeti part of Capgemini.
A dedicated team is set up and carries out an increase in competence on the development of version 2.0 of MyAdFilter




3, 2, 1... Go to market !

Launch of the POC in test on the audiences of Prisma Média's sites.
DYP Solutions starts a roadshow of publishers and enriches the solution with the kind requests of many publishers.

Let's try something new...

A Proof of Concept (POC) is launched and is part of an intrapreneurship project supported by the Group's management. The aim is to share the management of advertising displays between the publisher and its users.


In 2015... a trend is emerging

All publishers have been observing a strong growth in the use of adblocks on their audiences for months. Between bypassing or strict blocking, no solution was able to reduce the number of adblock users.

The ad filter project was initially conceived and developed in-house by Driss Boubekeur (Director of e-commerce & Innovation), Patrick Guiran (Head of IT data & emailing, 8th best Dev in France 2015) and Yoann Denée (CDataO), all managers of the Prisma Media Group.

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