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Dyp Solutions


Why block everything, when you can filter finely?

A filter to control them all


Since 2015 MyAdFilter and free content creators have been offering you ad-filtered browsing with a minimum of ads per page. Help finance your favourite sites by accepting a little advertising

The best is the friend of the good

Yes, MyAdFilter can more than any other:
Block all intrusive ads on all sites, (yes all)
Block malware for safe browsing
Support free content creators with minimal ads
MyAdFilter is developed in France, in open source (GPLv3+)
MyAdFilter never collects any of your personal data
Support publishers who are acting for a better digital experience
It's free!


80% of internet browser 

Available on most popular desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave and soon on Safari.

Hello Mac and welcome PC

Now works on Mac & PC, desktop and laptop

Red, green or grey, 3 filter levels


Displays a minimum of one ad :
Green: 1 to 3 according to your choice

Red: Total filtering
No ads are displayed on the whole site

Grey: Filtering disabled
No ads blocked on any page of the site.

The little number in the red square


The little number next to the MyAdFilter icon is the number of ad events filtered and therefore blocked on the page visited. An ad event can be an ad or a tracker.


Now, the best way is to test it

Download MyAdFilter for your browser


By downloading the MyAdFilter browser extension, you agree that if you use MyAdFilter to visit a website in breach of any duty or right of any kind in relation to that website, in no event shall Dyp Solutions be liable to you or any third party for any loss or damage (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of opportunity and loss of profits) arising directly or indirectly from your use of this software.

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